New York

About us

Georgian Trans Cargo″ Co. Ltd. was established by veterans of the auto business . The basic aim of the company has been to help our valued customers get quality used cars for the best price possible. We pride ourselves in providing unmatched customer service to all our customers.

 „Georgian Trans Cargo″ has been created by the professionals in the auto business. Most of the staff has good experience in the field of auto business. That’s why we know how to solve the emerging issues in the business and keep professionalism as our credo. Members of our staff are listening to the interests of our business partners and customers, and take decisions based on it.

Georgian Trans Cargo″ provides direct access for our customers to the Japanese and USA auto auctions, also on European auto sites, and helps in purchasing the cars. You can make your bids in all the Japanese and USA auctions through us and keep your business grow. Thus, purchasing by orders (in auctions and other available sources throughout Japan USA and Europe), shipping and safe delivery of the vehicles to desired ports of customers is the number one job of our company.

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